advanced anti-aging treatment to combat aging from its origin



Book 5 treatments 1 week apart discount to $180/treatment

Environmental conditions, experiences and lifestyle are the main activators of epigenetic mechanisms, while also promoting and accelerating the main visible signs of age.  The latest scientific advances are designed to act on the epigenetic changes and re-synchronise the natural processes of skin protection and repair.

Unique diagnostic technology has been designed exclusively for the Age Element treatment.  It analyses the variables involved in the skin aging process, and defines a customised treatment indicating the optimum product combination.

Age Element is the first anti-aging treatment with proven epigenetic action..  The treatment combats aging from its origin and corrects the visible signs of aging to provide firmer, brighter and visibly younger skin.  It promotes cell regeneration mechanisms, enhancing the synthesis of essential proteins and cell longevity.

100% customised treatment:

Provides maximum results

Increases treatment adherence

Builds unique experiences in each session

Recommended for optimum results 5 treatments, 1 week apart.  Book all 5 treatments and receive 10% discount on EACH treatment