More Multi-Tasking Benefits From Our Eye balm

Your eyes are the window to your soul. But what about the delicate skin around your eyes?

Thanks to every good laugh, every good old cry, every smile and every frown - the skin around your eyes is usually etched with the first signs of expression. As time passes the etching becomes deeper. Other signs of passing time appear too, puffiness, dark circles and the dreaded eyelid droop.

Treat these signs with specific products. Using your moisturiser isn’t the best idea. Moisturisers aren’t designed for your delicate eye area. The skin around your eyes is much thinner. It’s not about ingredients, your eye product will be formulated to be the correct ‘molecular weight’ for your eye area. Your moisturiser isn’t. This is the reason why it will make your eyes puffy.

I say this loud and clear – eye creams are NOT an expensive moisturiser in a small tube (at least ours isn’t).

What’s New With Our Multi-Tasking Eye Balm?

Nothing! We’ve kept the same great formula that makes it a multi award winning product. The balmy texture that gives your skin the ultimate protection hasn’t changed either. Nor has the cushioned, non-greasy finish that plumps your eye contour.

So, What’s This All About?

It’s about the results of this product, not only around your eyes - use it around your lips too!

We figured that if the Persian Silk Bark extract can work anti-ageing wonders around your eyes. Why can’t it do the same on the lines around your lips (you know the fine lines that lipstick bleeds into). Our moisturising complex will benefit the eyes and lips. A combination of jojoba, rice bran extract and candelilla wax. Gives a silky cushioned effect. Like the smooth finish you get from a makeup primer.

Guess what – we’ve tested it and it works. It works, beautifully! You Can See Where We’re Going With This…

The Multi-Tasking Eye Balm is being renamed to the Multi-Tasking Eye & Lip Balm. Making it more multitasking than ever. Now you only need to open 1 product and use it in 2 areas – genius! If you love our Plumping Lip Balm, it’s going nowhere. It’s staying and as always is the best option for plumping and nurturing the body of your lips. Creating the perfect pout.

A Final And Super Important Note - Application...

I can’t tell you how many times I say this when training Katherine Daniels therapists…

“Our product will work if you leave them on top of your skin, but they work best when you take the time to massage them into your skin.”

Also, ask about the Instant Effect Eye Mask during your next treatment.

“The tell-tale signs of a stressful lifestyle are often seen around the eyes. We created the Instant Effect Eye Mask for you! This mask promises to plump, smooth and bring luminosity to your eye area in just 20 minutes."

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