Most things we desire requires cumulative effort to work, whether it is weight management, exercise or removing/minimising wrinkles - there are no shortcuts.  For example, when an announcement is made that a glass of red wine a day is associated with health benefits, people change their approach to their health without understanding, too much can actually impact their health.  In this day and age, many of us are time-poor and just want a "quick fix".  It is so easy to accept botox and fillers are the answer to anti-aging but Skin iQ believes feeding your cells with researched and developed cosmeceutical products will have far longer-term effects.  Also appreciated is everyone wants value for money so rest assured at Skin iQ each treatment offers ultimate results.


The Triple Treat Non-Surgical Face Lift Apollo Duet treatment is the most advanced facial skincare beauty technology consisting of electroporation, smart Radio Frequency (RF), cooling, heating, and LED light.  The benefits are skin lifting and tightening, wrinkle suppression, collagen synthesis, elastin improvement, deep penetration of macromolecules, solution delivery, skin brightening, melasma, face contouring, moisturising, acne care.  Results are visible after the very first treatment.

With clients ultimate anti-aging goals in mind now available Mesoestetic Age Element facial, a professional anti-aging and personalized treatment inspired by the most advanced medical-cosmetic technology.  Age element combines customization and the most advanced aesthetic technology in a unique anti-aging treatment formulated with epigenetic active ingredients.   Environmental conditions, experiences and lifestyle are the main activators of epigenetic mechanisms, while also promoting and accelerating the main visible signs of age.  The latest scientific advances are designed to act on these epigenetic changes and resynchronise the natural processes of skin protection and repair.  This treatment is only on offer for a short time.  Commit to the recommended 5 treatments and receive 15% discount.  Normally $180 per treatment reduced to $150.

At Skin IQ, we are always researching products and treatments to ensure clients have access to the latest and most effective results for their skin.  Skincare product range on offer are:-

  • British skincare range, Katherine Daniels "Better Skin For Life";

  • South Korean results-driven Genosys;

  • "NOON" is an ancient philosophical principle describing the "primordial waters" to constitute the source of all exists in the world. "Noon's innovative DermShield™ technology enables NOON Aesthetics™ to develop a paraceutical skin care product line that contains active ingredients at breakthrough high concentration levels without the common side effects, such as irritation, burning, redness and unpleasant sensation. It provides impressive results for aging skin, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and loss of elasticity, blemishes, acne, seborrhea and other skin concerns." 

  • Ella Bache  ...... "I have always considered the skin like the most delicate of silks, which must be cleaned without harming it" ... Madame Ella Bache'

In order to get the best for your skin, it's important to consider your skin type, genetics and the climate you live in. The environment and the lifestyle you lead should influence the choices you make, as these factors help to define your skin and the care you should give it. At Skin IQ, we're here to help assist you in making the right choices for your skin, so you're able to properly nourish and protect your skin.   80% of skincare results are from home based regular routines and products using professional products.  The remaining 20% is achieved from regular salon treatments.

My motivation comes from the benefits my clients' experience and their feeling of complete well-being.

Glenys Moss, Owner



Glenys was very professional and the treatment was an amazing and relaxing experience.  Glenys explained clearly the many procedures and benefits of the product used.  The Beauty Room was very attractive and comfortable.  I would highly recommend skin IQ.


The facial treatment itself was a sheer indulgence - using the latest machines, tools, techniques and excellent quality skin products. Not only does Glenys explain each stage in non-technical language, but there are also more detailed information sheets available on each treatment, resulting in a skincare session that is both heavenly and very informative. Glenys has a very gentle and respectful manner and goes out of her way to provide fantastic customer service. I walked out with my skin feeling deeply cleansed, brightened and rejuvenated. I will definitely return and have already recommended Skin iQ to other people.


From the moment you walk in the door, you feel taken care of. Glenys is so passionate and informative about every treatment, she knows her craft inside out. My skin was left glowing after a signature facial and I was so relaxed. I highly recommend! 



I went to see Glenys after a recommendation from a friend and I am so glad I did. Glenys is incredibly knowledgeable about skin and the products she uses. She thoroughly explains what she is doing at each stage of treatment and why it is important. I can’t recommend Skin IQ highly enough.



I have had 2 facial treatments at SkinIQ now and they have been a wonderful winter treat.  The treatment room is beautiful. Very warm, private and a luxurious feeling.

On my first visit, Glenys took time to talk to me about my skin concerns and general health and also explained the treatment she recommended, what each step involved and what the benefits were. The treatments are very calming and the arm and leg massages were so relaxing.  I slept very well that night!  The following day my skin looked and felt softer and well hydrated and I just generally felt rested and relaxed. I’ve never been the sort of person who goes for regular facials but I have decided that this is something  I can do for myself, that will be beneficial to my health and wellbeing as I am getting older.  I have already booked for next month and look forward to my next treatment.  Thank you, Glenys!




Words can’t describe as to how amazing Glenys has made me feel and look through her treatments. The results are amazing and visible within a few sessions and this has really boosted my self-esteem and confidence.  Her knowledge and her professional and honest approach are very reassuring, ensuring delivery of a high standard of treatments and services. Her choice of product brands is based on extensive research and on detailed analysis of getting the highest value for money for her clients. Glenys is very passionate about her work and very caring of her clients.